Zarok's Beast Transformation

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This article is about Zarok's beast form. For his human form, see Zarok. For his serpentine form, see Zarok Serpent.
Biographical information
AKA Zarok Beast
Gender Male
Gameplay information
MediEvil (1998)
Health 1500 HP[1]
Previous boss(es) Lord Kardok
Entity name ZlZarHead
MediEvil (2019)
Health 2000 HP[1]
Behind the scenes information
Appears in
"None shall defeat the mighty Zarok! So prepare to die Fortesque!"
Zarok, after his transformation.

Zarok's Beast Transformation was the form Zarok adopted in his final battle against Sir Daniel Fortesque in 1386.


After Sir Dan defeated Zarok's Champion Lord Kardok, Zarok finally decided to face Dan himself. He left the room to transform into this great beast. After Dan defeated him, his beastly body imploded and Zarok reverted to his original form.


500 years later, a recreation of Zarok's Beast Transformation appeared in the Kensington museum as part of the Myths & Legends exhibit.


MediEvil (1998 original)


Zarok's initial attacks are him chasing Dan around, spitting acid at him and swiping at him. He has a magical shield around him, which is disabled when he stands up on his hind legs. That's when Dan should strike. Dan should use a weapon like the Magic Sword, Dragon Armour or the Spear. Beware, though, once half of his life is diminished he'll start performing another attack which involves creating a powerful force field around him which will not only harm Dan, but will also set him on fire for a while.

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Psychologists all agree that the final, desperate form adopted by an on-the-ropes evil sorcerer once his minions have all been felled tells us a great deal about his particular psychosis.

What does this form tell us about Zarok? Well, I'm no psychologist, but if ever there was a clearer case of narcissistic agora-paranoid kleptomaniacal dysmorphism then... my name's not Geraldine.

Behind the scenes


In pre-release builds of MediEvil dating as far back as August 1997, Zarok's Beast Transformation featured a pair of breasts.[2] This is because this form of Zarok was based on a ship's figurehead. The entity GsZarHead, a Ghost Ship version of Zarok's Beast Transformation, can be found in the GS.BIN overlay in the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha, suggesting that Zarok's Beast form was set to appear in this level at some point.[3] The work-in-progress version of Zarok's Beast Transformation found in the Pre-Alpha also has an animation for climbing down the ship's bowsprit. It is unknown whether this form of Zarok was already set to be the game's final boss or not at the time. The breasts were removed from Zarok's model in build 0.41D, just 48 days before the final game version was made.

The WIP version of Zarok's Beast Transformation in the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha has 23 animations:

Evolution of Zarok's Beast Transformation

In other languages

Language Name
Arabic تحول وحش ”زاروك”
tahawul wahsh "zaruka"
Bulgarian Преобразяването на Зарок в звяр
Preobrazyavaneto na Zarok v zvyar
Croatian Zarokova transformacija u zvijer
Czech Zarokova proměna v obludu
Danish Zaroks forvandling til Bæst
Dutch Zaroks beesttransformatie
Finnish Zarokin muuntuminen hirviöksi
French (France) Zarok bestial
German Zaroks Bestienverwandlung
Greek Η Μεταμόρφωση του Zarok σε Κτήνος
I Metamórfosi tou Zarok se Ktínos
Hungarian Zarok bestiaalakja
Italian Trasformazione in bestia di Zarok
Japanese ザロック・ビースト
Zarokku bīsuto
Norwegian Zaroks monstertransformasjon
Polish Zarok przemieniony w bestię
Portuguese (Brazil) A Transformação do Monstro Zarok
Portuguese (Portugal) Transformação monstruosa de Zarok
Romanian Transformarea lui Zarok în bestie
Russian Зарок-чудище
Spanish (LatAm) Transformación en bestia de Zarok
Spanish (Spain) Transformación de la bestia de Zarok
Swedish Zaroks Monstertransformation
Turkish Zarok'un Canavara Dönüşümü


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