Sir Moneybags

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Sir Moneybags
Description Collect 10,000 gold coins.
Trophy type
Hidden No
Prior trophy Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead
Next trophy Old School Sneaky

Sir Moneybags is an unlockable trophy in the MediEvil remake.

How to unlock

Pick up enough treasure to earn 10,000 coins. Treasure can be found throughout Gallowmere in the form of Moneybags and Chests of Gold. It is also sometimes provided as a reward in the Hall of Heroes. Wearing the Super Armour makes it easier to obtain this trophy as well, as it increases the value of all picked up treasure by 10%.

Behind the scenes

Trophy name

Moneybags is a term for a rich person.

In other languages

The trophy names were left untranslated in six of the thirty PlayStation Network languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Language Name
Arabic الثري
Czech Sir Skrblík
Danish Sir Pengesæk
Dutch Rijke stinkerd
Finnish Sir Rahasäkki
French (Canada) La bourse ou l'avide
French (France) La bourse ou l'avide
German Sir Geldsack
Greek Σερ Φραγκάτος
Ser Frankátos
Hungarian Sir Pénzeszsák
Italian Sir Taschepiene
Japanese マネーバッグ卿
Manēbaggu kyō
Norwegian Herr Lommebok
Polish Pan Pieniążek
Portuguese (Brazil) Sir Endinheirado
Portuguese (Portugal) Bolsos fundos
Romanian Domnul Pungi-cu-bani
Russian Сэр Толстосум
Ser Tolstosum
Spanish (LatAm) Tío rico
Spanish (Spain) Sir Pastizal
Swedish Penga-Per
Turkish Denizde Kum, Bende Para


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