The Answer Is Chicken

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The Answer Is Chicken
Description Throw 42 chicken legs.
Trophy type
Hidden No
Prior trophy Dizzy Decimator
Next trophy Witches' Familiar

The Answer Is Chicken is a bronze trophy in the 2019 remake of MediEvil.

How to unlock

Chicken Drumsticks are one of the many weapons Sir Dan can use on his enemies. 30 drumsticks are given to him by the Forest Witch for collecting 7 pieces of Amber in the Ant Caves for her.

To avoid an additional trip to the Ant Caves for the extra drumsticks, Dan can have them stolen by Imps just before his stocks are fully depleted. Afterwards, 30 drumsticks will become available for purchase at the Merchant Gargoyles for 100G. If Dan doesn't have any drumsticks left however, a second trip to the Ant Caves will be inevitable.

In other languages

The trophy names were left untranslated in six of the thirty PlayStation Network languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Language Name
Arabic الإجابة هي الدجاج
al'iijabat hi aldajaj
Czech Kuře, vesmír a tak vůbec
Danish Svaret er kylling
Dutch Het antwoord is kip
Finnish Vastaus on kana
French (Canada) La vie, l'univers et le poulet
French (France) La vie, l'univers et le poulet
German Die Antwort ist Huhn
Greek Με Γεύση Κοτόπουλου
Me Géfsi Kotópoulou
Hungarian A válasz a csirke
Italian Il pollo è la risposta
Japanese 正解はニワトリ
Seikai wa niwatori
Norwegian Svaret er kylling
Polish Odpowiedź brzmi - kurczak!
Portuguese (Brazil) A Resposta É Galinha
Portuguese (Portugal) O frango é a solução
Romanian Răspunsul este Găină
Russian Ответ: курица
Otvet: kuritsa
Spanish (LatAm) La respuesta es "pollo"
Spanish (Spain) La respuesta está en el pollo
Swedish Kyckling Är Livet
Turkish Cevap, Tavuk


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