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Description Defeat the dragon in the Crystal Caves.
Trophy type
Hidden Yes
Prior trophy Not So Scary Now, Eh?
Next trophy Almost A Hero

Whack-a-wyrm is a story-related trophy in the MediEvil remake.

How to unlock

Defeat the Mean Old Dragon in the Crystal Caves level. This trophy cannot be missed.

Behind the scenes

Trophy name

Wyrm (Old English word meaning "serpent") is a name for dragons in European mythologies, commonly depicted as wingless and limbless serpents. The trophy name is a reference to Whac-A-Mole. MediEvil has had two of its own versions across the series: Whack-an-Imp and Whack-a-Zarok.


A similar trophy appears in the 2023 port of MediEvil: Resurrection:

Sharp Tongued Lizard Sharp Tongued Lizard
Defeat the Dragon King.

In other languages

The trophy names were left untranslated in six of the thirty PlayStation Network languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Language Name
Arabic ضربة التنين
darbat altiniyn
Czech Drakonický dudák
Danish Onduler en Orm
Dutch Monstermepper
Finnish Mato matalaksi
French (Canada) Trouble dragon
French (France) Trouble dragon
German Hau den Lindwurm
Greek Δρακοκτόνος
Hungarian Sárkányirtás
Italian Schiacciadrago
Japanese ドラゴンスレイヤー
Norwegian Ormen lange
Polish Smoking ze smoka
Portuguese (Brazil) Matador de Dragões
Portuguese (Portugal) Lagarto com asas
Romanian Pocnește-un-dragon
Russian Драконоборец
Spanish (LatAm) Solo un gusano grande
Spanish (Spain) Machaca al dragón
Swedish Ge Draken På Nöten
Turkish Bana Ejderha Sökmez


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