Master Dan-At-Arms

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Master Dan-At-Arms
Description Collect every weapon.
Trophy type
Hidden No
Prior trophy Impaired Drivers
Next trophy Dizzy Decimator

Master Dan-At-Arms is a bronze trophy in the MediEvil remake.

How to unlock

Sir Dan will acquire most weapons by interacting with each of the Heroes. Collecting a chalice will grant you access to the Hall of Heroes where they reside. However, a few weapons are acquired outside of the Hall of Heroes. These are the weapons found in Dan's Crypt. Also found outside the Hall is the club, which can be found in several levels. Finally, the Chicken Drumsticks can be obtained by completing the fairy sidequest in the Ant Caves.

In other languages

The trophy names were left untranslated in six of the thirty PlayStation Network languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Language Name
Arabic سيد الأسلحة ”دان”
sayid al'asliha "dan"
Czech Výzbroj rytíře Dana
Danish Hr. Våben-Dan-Kan
Dutch Wapenexpert
Finnish Asemestari, 1. Dan
French (Canada) Daniel, maître ès armes
French (France) Daniel, maître ès armes
German Waffenmeister Dan
Greek Οπλαρχηγός Dan
Oplarchigós Dan
Hungarian Fegyverek mestere
Italian Dan, maestro d'armi
Japanese 武器マニア
Buki mania
Norwegian Våpenmester Dan
Polish Dan zbrojmistrz
Portuguese (Brazil) Arsenal Fortesque
Portuguese (Portugal) Homem de armas
Romanian Ofițerul Dan
Russian Оружейный мастер Дэн
Oruzheynyy master Den
Spanish (LatAm) Armado hasta los Dan... tes
Spanish (Spain) Décimo Dan en armas
Swedish Mäster Vapen-Danne
Turkish Tam Teçhizatlı


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