Witches' Familiar

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Witches' Familiar
Description Collect the Witch Talisman and complete both witch quests.
Trophy type
Hidden Yes
Prior trophy The Answer Is Chicken
Next trophy Zip Zap Imp Splat

Witches' Familiar is a secret trophy in the MediEvil remake.

How to unlock

You will find the Witch Talisman in a secret coven beneath the Hilltop Mausoleum. After completing the tasks for the Forest Witch and the Pumpkin Witch, the trophy will unlock.

In other languages

The trophy names were left untranslated in six of the thirty PlayStation Network languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Language Name
Arabic مألوف لدى الساحرات
maluf ladaa alsaahirat
Czech Čarodějův učeň
Danish Heksenes Stikirenddreng
Dutch Heksenvriend
Finnish Noitien seuralainen
French (Canada) C'est pas sorcier
French (France) C'est pas sorcier
German Hexenvertrauter
Greek Το Ζωάκι Της Μάγισσας
To Zoáki Tis Mágissas
Hungarian Banyabubus
Italian Il famiglio delle streghe
Japanese 魔女の使い魔
Majo no tsukai ma
Norwegian God med heksa
Polish Na usługach wiedźm
Portuguese (Brazil) Conhecedor de Bruxas
Portuguese (Portugal) Mascote de bruxa
Romanian Cunoscut Vrăjitoarelor
Russian Фамильяр ведьм
Famil'yar ved'm
Spanish (LatAm) Amigo de las brujas
Spanish (Spain) Familiar de las brujas
Swedish Häxornas Vän
Turkish Cadısever


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