Gatling Gun

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Gatling Gun
Icon Gatling Gun
Type Two-handed ranged weapon
Requirement(s) 10 Chalices
Found in The Professor's Lab[a]
Given by Professor Hamilton Kift[a]
Attack(s)[1] Main attack (point blank)
  • Sharpness18 Weight8 Fire0 Magic0

Main attack (at distance)

  • Sharpness9 Weight4 Fire0 Magic0
Ammunition Standard bullets
Capacity 999
Ammo price 40G per 50 shots
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2
"This will be the weapon of your dreams Dan, the Gatling Gun. Awesome destructive power at the touch of a button."
― Professor Hamilton Kift, after creating the Gatling Gun.

The Gatling Gun was a weapon the Professor made for Sir Dan after he had collected ten chalices.


The Professor made the Gatling Gun for Sir Dan just as he was about to embark into the cathedral to recover the final Spell Page from Zarok's spell book.


The Gatling Gun is the final weapon Sir Dan can receive. It is also one of the most powerful weapons in the game due to its speed and high ammo capacity. Some enemies can be blown to pieces by it. It is one of only two weapons in the game that is two-handed, the other being the Blunderbuss. A shield cannot be used while wielding it.

In other languages

The German translation is the same as the original English.

Language Name
French (France) Gatling
Italian Mitragliatrice
Portuguese (Portugal) Revólver
Russian Пулемет
Spanish (Spain) Revólver


  1. 1.0 1.1 It is possible for Dan to get any weapon from either the Professor or Winston, and in either The Professor's Lab, The Sewers, or The Time Machine level, depending on whether any chalices are missed during the game. The information in this article assumes all preceding chalices were collected.



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