Flaming Crossbow

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Flaming Crossbow
Icon Flaming Crossbow
Type Ranged weapon
Found in Whitechapel
Attack(s)[1] Main attack[a]
  • Sharpness12 Weight6 Fire0 Magic0
Capacity 200
Ammo price 50G per 50 bolts
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Flaming Crossbow was a projectile weapon Sir Dan found in Whitechapel in 1886.


Unlike most of his weapons, which he obtained from the Professor, Sir Dan found the Flaming Crossbow in Whitechapel during his mission to find Princess Kiya.


The Flaming Crossbow can be found inside a building located next to Isibod Brunel's memorial in Whitechapel. It has rapid fire and shoots burning bolts, and is analogous to the Flaming Longbow from MediEvil. It functions a lot like the regular Crossbow, with the exception that the arrows fired from it are now on on fire and do extra damage by applying the burning effect to enemies. The only other weapon that can set enemies on fire is the Torch.

Additional bolts for the Flaming Crossbow can be bought from The Spiv. In addition, Dan can replay Whitechapel and pick up the Flaming Crossbow again to gain free bolts.

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  1. Applies burn.



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