The Crystal Caves

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The Crystal Caves
General information
AKA Crystal Caverns
Chalice Yes
Boss(es) Mean Old Dragon
Enemies Flying Demons, Rhinotaurs, Imps
Music (original) Journey through the Crystal Caves
Music (remake) Make No Bones About It
Chronological information
Level number 16.
Previous level The Lake
Next level The Gallows Gauntlet
Location on Land Map
Sir Daniel Fortesque
The Gallows Gauntlet
The Lake
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
Whack-a-wyrm Whack-a-wyrm
Defeat the dragon in the Crystal Caves.
Stop Hitting Yourself Stop Hitting Yourself
Get hit by a falling crystal during Dragon battle in Crystal Caves.
Zip Zap Imp Splat
Fry a dozen Imps with Lightning.
Gimme That Back! Gimme That Back!
Lose, then recover your weapon from an Imp.
"A great dragon lies somewhere within this cave. But you may want to leave him be. A hero's skull would fit in nicely with his collection."
― Loading screen description

The Crystal Caves is the sixteenth level of MediEvil. It was partially replaced by Dragon Island in MediEvil: Resurrection.


Book of Gallowmere







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Book 1

Tread softly in these caves for an ill tempered Dragon has a lair here.

Book 2

The mean old Dragon can be summoned by inserting two Dragon Gems into the eye sockets of the relief.
The grouchy Dragon doesn't come out much as he is afraid of the roof collapsing over his head!


MediEvil: Resurrection

According to MediEvil: Resurrection's designer, Dominic Cahalin, the full level was set to appear in the game. The level was eventually cut due to time constraints.[1] The boss battle against the Dragon remains however, as part of Dragon Island.


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In other languages

MediEvil (1998 original)

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Language Name
Arabic ”الكهوف البلورية”
"alkuhuf albaluwriatu"
Bulgarian Кристалните пещери
Kristalnite peshteri
Croatian Kristalne pećine
Czech Křišťálové jeskyně
Danish Krystalgrotterne
Dutch De Kristalgrotten
Finnish Kristalliluolat
French (France) Les Cavernes en Cristal
German Die Kristallhöhlen
Greek Οι Κρυστάλλινες Σπηλιές
Oi Krystállines Spiliés
Hungarian A kristálybarlangok
Italian Le Caverne di cristallo
Japanese 水晶の洞窟
Suishō no dōkutsu
Norwegian Krystallhulene
Polish Kryształowe Jaskinie
Portuguese (Brazil) As Cavernas de Cristal
Portuguese (Portugal) Cavernas de Cristal
Romanian Peșterile de Cristal
Russian Кристальные пещеры
Kristal'nyye peshchery
Spanish (LatAm) Las Cuevas Cristalinas
Spanish (Spain) Las Cuevas de cristal
Swedish Kristallgrottorna
Turkish Kristal Mağaraları


  1. ProBoards "Initially we had planned two additional levels for Resurrection (I completed the revised paper design for them). These were the asylum grounds and the Crystal Caves (both based loosely on the levels from the original games). These were cut out due to development time restrictions, which was a real shame, as they had some cool new play mechanics and character designs. The launch of the PSP was eventually delayed by Sony by 6 months, which meant that we could easily have finished the game with all the levels :("MediEvil developers - Q&A; on MediEvil Boards. Published August 4, 2013.


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