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Gameplay information
Soul type No soul
Health Invincible
Behind the scenes information
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Sheep were livestock kept by Lazy Farm Farmers in Gallowmere Plains. Many sheep were grazing freely in the area. The farmers also needed to herd the sheep into specific pens, which they employed Sir Daniel Fortesque to do.


Sheep feature prominently in the Shepherd's Delight mini game. Sir Dan needs to lead all the sheep into their designated pen before the timer runs out. They will always try to walk in the opposite direction from Dan.

Behind the scenes


In build 0.23 of the game, Imps were scattered throughout the main area of Gallowmere Plains instead of sheep. This was changed to how it is in the final game by build 0.63.

PlayStation Network avatar

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A sheep from MediEvil: Resurrection is one of a number of free avatars available on the PlayStation Network. The avatar was available from fairly early on in the network's existence.[1] No other avatars based on MediEvil: Resurrection were or are available as of writing. The sheep is a part of the "Creatures" series of avatars.


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