Forest Key

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PLEASE NOTE: The subject of this article originates from MediEvil: Resurrection, which is considered apocryphal, i.e. to be outside of the accepted canon. See GP:CANON for more information.
Forest Key
Icon Forest Key
Type Key
Requirement(s) Mayor Key
Found in Inside the Asylum
Used in Gallowmere Plains
Appears in MediEvil: Resurrection MediEvil: Resurrection

The Forest Key was a key that opened the gate into the Enchanted Forest in Gallowmere Plains.


Sir Dan made his way inside the Asylum in order to rescue the Town Mayor to learn more about his piece of the Anubis Stone. After unlocking the Mayor's cell with the Mayor Key, Sir Dan learnt the stone piece was in the Shadow Demon Tomb in the Enchanted Forest. The Mayor left the Forest Key behind for Dan so that he could access the forest.



The key needs to be used in front of the Enchanted Forest gate in Gallowmere Plains. This will unlock the gate and allow Sir Dan to exit the level through it. The level will be considered complete after this.


The forest key is woven from bewitched twigs and may be used to open the imposing gates to the Enchanted Forest. The portly Mayor of Sleeping Village always carries this key about his person, so as to protect the forest from unwanted questors.


In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Clé de la forêt
German Waldschlüssel
Italian Chiave della foresta
Spanish (Spain) Llave del Bosque


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