Inside the Asylum

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Inside the Asylum
General information
Chalice Yes
Boss(es) Mad Axeman
Enemies Zombies, Headless Zombies, Head Bangers
Music Village of Madness
Chronological information
Previous level Welcome to the Sleeping Village
Next level Sleeping Village
Location on Land Map
Welcome to the Sleeping Village
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Sleeping Village
Descend into Madness Descend into Madness
Start the Inside the Asylum level.
MaxedInsanity Maxed Insanity
Defeat the Mad Axeman.
Chalice of Souls Chalice of Souls
Fill and obtain 7 Chalices.
Chalice of Heroes Chalice of Heroes
Fill and obtain 15 Chalices.
Dan the Invincible Dan the Invincible
Finish a level outside of Dan's Crypt and Gallowmere Plains without taking damage.
"Inside the Asylum. Here be fire-breathing monsters, headless ghouls and… oh, actually that's somewhere else. This is the one with the mad people in."
― Loading screen narration

Inside the Asylum is a level in MediEvil: Resurrection.


The goal of the level is fairly straightforward: Sir Dan has to kill all enemies in his path. Once all enemies in a room are defeated, he will be allowed into the next room. This needs to be done until the room with the Mad Axeman is reached.

Defeating the Mad Axeman is also simple - Dan has to wait until the Mad Axeman's axe gets stuck on the floor, then attack him. After his health has been depleted enough, he will begin charging after Dan. Dan needs to lead the Mad Axeman into the pillars in the room to fully defeat him.

After defeating him, Dan can pick up a Chaos Rune, as well as a spare Club in the room. In the next room is the Town Mayor's cell, which requires the Mayor Key to be unlocked. This is obtained by unlocking the other cell in the room with the Chaos Rune, then smashing its left wall with the Club or Warhammer. It is possible to smash another wall in the section with the Mayor Key, which will reveal a room with lava flowing through it. The chalice is on the other side of the lava flow, but cannot be reached until later.

Return to the room with the Mayor's cell and unlock it with the Mayor Key. The Mayor will give Dan the Forest Key which will unlock the Forest Gate in Gallowmere Plains. Pick up the Moon Rune in the cell, then use it to unlock the exit and leave the area.

Return run

To obtain the chalice, it is necessary to return after obtaining the Dragon Armour. This will allow Dan to cross the lava in the room with the chalice.

Dan's Private Journal entry


Ventured into the Asylum in search of the Mayor. Mad people really can be quite awkward to be around. Had to battle a barmy army of deranged flakes and berserk wackos - as I believe they're technically known in head doctor circles.

At last I found the Mayor. He gave me a key to the Enchanted Forest. Said I need to speak to a certain Witch who hangs out in the undergrowth, selling pegs and lucky dirt, or something. She can reveal the location of the Shadow Demon Prison, home to a piece of the Anubis stone. But first, to open the prison I'll need to retrieve the Shadow Demon Claw from his village house safe. Crumbs, whatever happened to a simple bellow of "Open sesame"?

The Vodoo Witch's fortune

"What is this godforsaken place, DANK, SQUALID and filled with the STENCH OF DESPAIR. It could be me sister Rita's place, well really, you'd think she have a mop allergy or somethin'. Ah there is a special message for you Mr cartilage. The spirits wish to help:
Seek out the man who does not belong here. You will know him by his fearful look. And also by the fact he's a SALAD DODGER."
The Voodoo Witch

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) À l'intérieur de l'asile
German Im Asyl
Italian Dentro il Manicomio
Spanish (Spain) En el Manicomio


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