Mayor Key

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PLEASE NOTE: The subject of this article originates from MediEvil: Resurrection, which is considered apocryphal, i.e. to be outside of the accepted canon. See GP:CANON for more information.
Mayor Key
Icon Mayor Key
Type Key
Requirement(s) Club
Found in Inside the Asylum
Used in Inside the Asylum
Appears in MediEvil: Resurrection MediEvil: Resurrection

The Mayor Key was the key to the Town Mayor's cell inside the Asylum.


Sir Dan made his way into the Asylum in order to rescue the Town Mayor and ask him about his piece of the Anubis Stone. In order to free the Mayor, Sir Dan had to find the key to his cell. The key was in an inaccessible room near the Mayor's cell. Sir Dan managed to get into the room by unlocking a nearby cell with a Rune Key and smashing a weak wall to break into the room.


This is the only key other than the Rune Keys to not have an entry in the RELICS AND ARTIFACTS book.


In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Clé du maire
German Bürgermeisterschlüssel
Italian Chiave del Sindaco
Spanish (Spain) Llave del Alcalde


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