Granny Fortesque

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PLEASE NOTE: The subject of this article originates from MediEvil: Resurrection, which is considered apocryphal, i.e. to be outside of the accepted canon. See GP:CANON for more information.
Granny Fortesque
No official depiction of the subject exists.
Biographical information
Gender Female
Family Sir Daniel Fortesque (grandson)
Lord Cedric Fortesque (son)
Unnamed Fortesque (relative)
Colonel Freddie Fortesque (possible relative)
Behind the scenes information
Mentioned in
"Lost in reverie as I recalled Granny Fortesque's steaming pumpkin pie, I summoned the Pumpkin Witch using talisman."
Dan's private journal

Granny Fortesque was Sir Dan's paternal grandmother.[a] Her grandson mentioned her in his private journal twice.

All that's known about her is that she made pumpkin pie, and that she'd often receive a "hip bath."

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Mamie Fortesque
German Oma Fortesque
Italian Nonna Fortesque
Spanish (Spain) Abuelita Fortesque

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  1. It is assumed she is Daniel's paternal grandmother because she wouldn't be a Fortesque otherwise. This would also make her the mother of Lord Cedric Fortesque.


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