MediEvil Late Japanese Demo

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MediEvil Late Japanese Demo
Developer(s) SCEE Cambridge Studio
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Release date August 20, 1999[1]
Previous demo MediEvil Japanese Demo

The MediEvil Late Japanese Demo is a demo version of MediEvil released exclusively in Japan on August 20, 1999. The demo has only one known release: Dengeki PlayStation D21 SCE Special released with Dengeki PlayStation D Vol. 114.[1] Files on the disc suggest that the demo finished development around May 14, 1999.


The demo only contains two levels, much like the other Japanese Demo. However, this demo version is unique; it is comprised of The Haunted Ruins and The Ghost Ship levels.


Language(s) Japanese
Primary Volume Descriptor
Volume Identifier PCPX_96159
Volume Creation Date 1999/06/10
Volume Creation Time 12:33:13
Creation Date Friday, 14th May 1999.
Creation Time 06:39:02
Creation Date Friday, 14th May 1999.
Creation Time 14:21:14

The Dengeki PlayStation D21 SCE Special (電撃プレイステーションD21 SCE スペシャル) demo disc contains the only known release of the MediEvil Late Japanese Demo.

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