The Forest Witch

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The Forest Witch
Biographical information
AKA Emelda
Gender Female
Family The Pumpkin Witch (alleged sister)
Behind the scenes information
Appears in

Emelda,[1][1.1] more commonly known as the Forest Witch, was a witch residing in the Enchanted Earth. Emelda was fond of rubies, sapphires, diamonds, amber and offered rewards for gems. She was also keen on ants' nests and liked to give abuse to cowards, such as Sir Dan.


Before the Evernight

Emelda used to be part of the infamous Cemetery Hill coven. However, she was ostracized by her sisters when she refused to stop using the communal cauldron to prepare her notoriously pungent lunchtime brews, prompting her to move to the Enchanted Earth.[1.1]

During the Evernight

Canonical account

After being summoned by Dan using the Witch Talisman, Emelda asked him to find seven pieces of amber for her in the ants' nest. When Dan returned with the amber, she rewarded him with the Chicken Drumsticks.

Apocryphal account

According to some sources, the Forest Witch was the sister of the Pumpkin Witch, whom she plotted revenge against. She was also supposedly the guardian of the path to the 'Shadow Demon Gate.' She did not show much hostility towards Dan and asked him to find four Faerie Fungi for her. She then allegedly gave him a Butterfly Net to catch the fairies that have the fungi. She finally opened the passage to the Shadow Demon tomb for Dan after he completed her request.


Related trophy

Witches' Familiar Witches' Familiar
Collect the Witch Talisman and complete both witch quests.


In other languages

Language Name
Arabic ساحرة الغابة
sahirat alghaba
Bulgarian Горска вещица
Gorska veshtitsa
Croatian Šumska vještica
Czech Lesní čarodějnice
Danish Skovheksen
Dutch Woudheks
Finnish Metsänoita
French (France) Sorcière de la Forêt
German Waldhexe
Greek Η Μάγισσα του Δάσους
I Mágissa tou Dásous
Hungarian Erdei boszorkány
Italian Strega della foresta
Japanese 森の魔女
Mori no majo
Norwegian Skogsheks
Polish Leśna Wiedźma
Portuguese (Brazil) Bruxa da Floresta
Portuguese (Portugal) Bruxa da Floresta
Romanian Vrăjitoarea Pădurii
Russian Лесная ведьма
Lesnaya ved'ma
Spanish (LatAm) Bruja del bosque
Spanish (Spain) Bruja del bosque
Swedish Skogshäxan
Turkish Orman Cadısı

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