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Icon Poster
Type Item
Found in The Sewers
Given by The Spiv
Used in The Professor's Lab
Given to Professor Hamilton Kift
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2
"It's a poster for one of my earliest experiments, the time machine, doesn't work though, complete waste of time."
― Professor Hamilton Kift, explaining the poster.

The Poster was an advertisement for a time machine.


The Poster was first mentioned to Sir Dan indirectly by Winston Chapelmount after Dan had run away from The Professor's Lab into The Sewers. Winston suggested that Dan see the Spiv, as he had something Dan would find "extremely interesting."

Once he received the Poster from the Spiv and after he helped the Mullocks, Dan returned to the lab to confront the Professor. The Professor explained that the Poster was for one of his earliest inventions, the time machine, still on display at the museum. Sir Dan departed immediately to the museum in order to use the time machine to save Kiya's life.


In terms of gameplay, the Poster does not serve a purpose; it is purely a part of the story, much like the Spell Page obtained later on. The Poster is automatically collected and removed during intermissions.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Affiche
Italian Progetto
Portuguese (Portugal) Cartaz
Russian Плакат
Spanish (Spain) Póster


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