Time Stone

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Time Stone
Icon Time Stone
Type Item
Requirement(s) Time Machine Pieces
Found in The Time Machine, Sewers
Used in The Time Machine, Sewers
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2
"Stealing the Time Stone won't make you popular with the Mullocks, hurry back to the Time Machine and try and save Kiya."
Winston, urging Dan to take the Time Stone.

The Time Stone was revered by the Mullocks as a sacred object. It was the vital component that actually allowed the Professor's Chrono-chair to travel through time.


"By the powers of the time stone, I declare we are a whole tribe once more."
― The Mullock King, invoking the Time Stone.

It is unknown how the Time Stone came into the possession of the Mullocks or why it had such powers. However, after the death of Princess Kiya at the hands of The Ripper, Sir Dan stole the Time Stone from the Mullocks in order to travel back in time to save her.


The Time Stone is kept inside the building in the middle of the Mullock settlement. Dan needs to head inside and drop down into a pit, then walk off another ledge to find a Mullock guarding the Time Stone. Upon taking it, Dan will be trapped inside a cage. Luckily, a severed hand shows up, which Dan can put his head on to begin searching for the release switch for the cage. This switch is back in the first room of the building where Dan first jumped into the pit below.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Pierre du temps
German Zeitstein
Italian Pietra del tempo
Portuguese (Portugal) Pedra do Tempo
Russian Камень времени
Kamen' vremeni
Spanish (Spain) Piedra del tiempo


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