Dan's Crypt

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Dan's Crypt
General information
Chalice Yes
Enemies Mummy
Music Welcome to Gallowmere
Chronological information
Level number 1.
Previous level Title Level
Next level The Graveyard
Location on Land Map
    The Graveyard
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Don't Dillydally or Lollygag Don't Dillydally or Lollygag
Wake up in Dan's Crypt.
Chalice of Souls Chalice of Souls
Fill and obtain 7 Chalices.
Chalice of Heroes Chalice of Heroes
Fill and obtain 15 Chalices.
Feeling Refreshed Feeling Refreshed
Acquire 4 Health Bottles.
Dan the Unstoppable Dan the Unstoppable
Acquire 8 Health Bottles.
Dan the Famished Dan the Famished
Eat some Cooked Chicken.
Dan the Scribe Dan the Scribe
Read Dan's Journal.
"Dan's Crypt. The best place to go if you're looking for a dead Dan."
― Loading screen narration

Dan's Crypt is the introductory field level in MediEvil: Resurrection.

Here, the player will be introduced to Sir Daniel Fortesque and will be given an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the land of Gallowmere and moving the newly-revived knight around the field.


Sir Dan rises from his dais to a voice in his head. He knocks it around to no avail. This is Al-Zalam, an obscure djinn who was trapped inside our hero on the day of the fated battle. Think of him as Dan's guide through the adventure. After their meet, Dan nudges a snarky Information Gargoyle. The gargoyle doesn't think Dan will succeed in his new mission. Time to prove him wrong!

Make your way into the main hall where you can familiarise yourself with the controls and game mechanics by reading the surrounding books. At the far end of the hall is a locked gate that will require a Rune Stone to unlock. Once you are done reading, enter the room on the left. Grab the Life Bottle in-between the rooms to extend Dan's longevity by 100.

This room is Dan's study. As progress is made in the adventure, the various books in the study will be filled with information about enemies, artifacts and Dan's personal thoughts. Head out and into the room opposite. Grab the Wooden Sword in between the main hall and the room.

This is the training room. The books along the walls detail all combos that a weapon can perform, but they can only be read after the specific weapon has been obtained. The dummies in the room can be used to practice said combos. Further in is a room with a stream of lava. Jump over the lava and collect the treasure chest and Time Rune. It will be important to return here later once a certain fire-resistant artefact has been obtained.

Return to the main hall. Note the off-colour wall near the exit—Dan cannot do anything with it quite yet, but will be able to do so soon enough. Head for the gate to place the Rune into the begging hand. Speak with the gargoyle near the exit, then run toward Zarok's magic slime to complete the area.

Return runs

After obtaining the Spade in Return to the Graveyard, and either a Club or the War Hammer, Dan can return to smash the off-colour wall near the crypt exit. This will reveal an extra room with a hidden mummy. Beat it to fill the Chalice of Souls for the area. Use the spade to dig the chalice out from under the soft soil.

Later, once the Dragon Armour has been obtained by defeating the Dragon King on Dragon Island, return to the crypt again. Make your way to the room with the lava stream and jump right in. Go right and pick up the Chicken Drumsticks.

Dan's Private Journal entry

I'M DEAD...!

The darndest thing happened: one moment I'm at the Battle of Gallowmere giving the order to charge, then BAM! A blinding pain in the old peeper, and sink me if I don't wake up on the least comfortable bed I ever lay on. Turns out I'm dead! Bit of a blow to my plan to forge a career as a great warrior, really.

Met the most irritating fellow. 'Al-Zalam' is his name. Think he might be foreign. He claims to be a powerful genie, but he's shown scant sign of any magical powers to date. Apparently for the last century he's been using my ocular cavity as some sort of flop-house. Anyway it turns out that the Sorcerer Zarok is back, raising the dead and possessing the living, and whatnot. He really is the most awful git.

Looked round the old tomb. I have to say whoever sorted the funeral out really did a first class job! Wish I'd been there for the send-off.

NOTE TO SELF: Update this journal regularly as and when stuff happens.

The Voodoo Witch's fortune

"Me see a beautiful tomb. It befits a HERO. But me can't see no-one HEROIC. Juss a lickle BONY guy wid a missing HEYE. But I tell ya ONE ting. De elements of earth and fire (but not earth, WIND an' fire, dat a different matter) will lead to secret CHAMBERS. Probly wid GREAT prizes in dis DARK place. Seen? Den gittout."
The Voodoo Witch


Main article: Books in MediEvil: Resurrection

Crypt 3000

Congratulations on your purchase of the Crypt 3000. In the unlikely event of inaccurate diagnosis of death:

1: Remove shroud (where applicable)

2: Locate rune stone

3: Proceed to exit located at end of hall

4: Place rune stone in claw hand next to doorway

5: Contact your undertaker for a 50% refund


(The larger the analog stick movement from centre the faster Dan's speed.)

X button

Square button

Triangle button
(COMBAT DASH with shield equipped)

Circle button

(whilst moving) WALK MODE
(WALK + SHIELD with shield equipped)

(Tapping the R button will position the camera directly behind Dan)

(Holding the R button will lock Dan's facing direction and position the camera directly behind him.)


At the left of the game screen you will see a green bar. This is Dan's health meter. As Dan receives damage the meter goes down, when it is empty Dan will collapse.

On your adventures you will find small green health vials. These items will increase Dan's health level.

More powerful restoratives come in the shape of green health bottles. These items may be collected, and when full will re-animate Sir Dan and refill his health meter should it become empty. The more full bottles the player acquires the more chances he will have to continue his adventure without perishing.

You can refill both Dan's health meter and any empty life bottles at health fountains, which you will encounter throughout your travels. Simply move Dan into these bubbling green jets to improve his health status; the longer he remains within the fountain, the greater the amount of health energy he will receive. All fountains have limited supplies of health energy so it is best to use them discerningly.

Once the health meter and all of Dan's additional life bottles are empty it's 'GAME OVER'.

When you encounter boss enemies you'll see that they too have a health meter. You must try to deplete it before they destroy Dan.


The inventory

As you progress through your adventure, you will find many useful items and weapons. Once collected, these are automatically stored into Dan's inventory.

To open the inventory screen press the SELECT button. The inventory is divided into four sections: Melee weapons, Ranged weapons, Artifacts and Keys. Each of the sections can be accessed by pressing the up and down arrow keys Pressing the left and right arrow keys will scroll through the items contained within each section. Once an item is highlighted it may be selected for use by pressing X button.

Certain items can only be used at certain points in the game. If you attempt to use an item in the wrong place, a 'buzzer' sound will play and the item will remain un-activated.

Shop Gargoyles

Often on your travels you will encounter a Shop Gargoyle. These shady individuals are the traders of Gallowmere. A smack on the nose with a melee weapon will alert them to your presence. Choose 'SUPPLIES' to purchase fresh ammunition. Choose 'SERVICES' to repair your shields.


The chalice challenge

A major part of Dan's quest is to make amends for his cowardly past, and prove himself a true hero. The legendary warriors of Gallowmere have set out a series of challenges that he must complete in order to earn their respect.

In many of the game levels there is a golden chalice hidden away, with a total of 15 to be collected in all.

Dan must complete two specific tasks in each of the chalice levels to meet the criteria set by the Hall of Heroes. Firstly; he must locate and collect the chalice itself. Secondly; he must kill enough enemies to fill the chalice with their souls. If both tasks are completed Dan will be spirited away to the Hall of Heroes to claim a reward once the level is finished.

The Hall of Heroes

In the Hall of Heroes, the bravest heroes from all history spend an eternity resting, feasting and exchanging tales of their greatest victories. Each time Dan visits the hall he will find that one of the Heroes has transformed from statue form into a living breathing warrior. Should Dan stand on the chalice emblem in front of this character he will be granted an audience. Often the heroes will present Dan with an extremely useful item.

The Hall of Heroes is spread over two levels. Only when you have paid homage to the heroes in the lower level will the gates guarding access to the upper level open up.

Once you have collected your reward, the exit can be found at the rear of the building.


Each of the melee combat weapons has a quick attack X button and a slow attack Square button

The quick attack is speedy but produces relatively low levels of damage.

The slow attack takes longer to execute but produces higher levels of damage.

Melee weapons can be utilised whilst in retain mode (hold R). This will allow Dan to maneuver without changing his orientation. In this mode Dan can sidestep, advance or retreat away from his enemy whilst keeping him in his targets, however it should be noted that in this mode Dan's speed is lower than normal combat speed.

See individual weapon handbooks for advanced techniques.



Pressing L will put Dan into shielding mode. Shielding reduces the damage that Dan receives from enemies, but also reduces the speed which Dan can travel at. As one of Dan's arms is required to hold the shield Dan is unable to equip two-handed weapons whilst in this mode.

The daring dash

The daring dash gives Dan a short burst of incredible speed and is performed by pressing the Triangle button button. Use this move to disperse groups of enemies by smashing into them, or simply use it to maneuver around the levels at high speed.

When Dan is in shield mode the daring dash turns into a combat move, and hitting an enemy will impart damage on it.


Many of the weapons found in Gallowmere have special power up attacks. These devastating moves are accessed by holding down the attack button for a certain length of time before releasing. See the individual weapon handbooks for details.


When Dan is carrying a ranged weapon you will notice that a group of whispy green sprites travel ahead of him. These helpful creatures will seek out Dan's adversaries, and when an enemy comes within targeting range they will excitedly switch to a red colouration.

Certain weapons have both ranged and melee attacks, these include the battleaxe and spear. Experiment with these multifunctional implements to discover their many uses.

See individual weapon handbooks for full control information on ranged weapons.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) La Crypte de Dan
German Dans Gruft
Italian Cripta di Dan
Spanish (Spain) Cripta de Dan

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