Red Beard

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PLEASE NOTE: The subject of this article originates from MediEvil: Resurrection, which is considered apocryphal, i.e. to be outside of the accepted canon. See GP:CANON for more information.
Red Beard
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Gender Male
Behind the scenes information
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"Here lies[sic] many of the most legendary pirates ever to splice a mainbrace, including: Red Beard, Tidy Beard, Fake Beard, the Pirate Queen and Peg Leg Pedro, who teetered and wobbled across the seven seas and feared nothing but woodworm."
― Seadog Cemetery book.

Red Beard was a legendary pirate who was buried in the Seadog Cemetery near Scurvy Docks.

Behind the scenes


Red Beard may be a reference to Hayreddin Barbarossa (Redbeard) or the fictional character Hector Barbarossa from Pirates of the Caribbean who was based on him.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Barbe-Rouge
German Rotbart
Italian Barbarossa
Spanish (Spain) Barba Roja


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