Captive Farmers

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This article is about the characters with good souls. For the enemies, see Mad Farmers.
Captive Farmers
Biographical information
AKA Captured Farmers
Gender Male
Gameplay information
MediEvil (1998)
Soul type Good
Health 20 HP[1]
Damage taken[1][a] Sharpness Standard (1x)

Weight One eighth (0.125x)

Fire Standard (1x)

Magic Standard (1x)

Entity name HrFarmer
Behind the scenes information
Appears in
"Thank 'ee for rescuing us, kind zir!"
― Farmers, MediEvil

The Captive Farmers (fl. 1386) were inhabitants of Gallowmere and good souls that Sir Daniel Fortesque had to save in the Haunted Ruins in 1386.


14th century

Three farmers were found in the Haunted Ruins of Castle Peregrin, captured by the Shadow Demons, tied up and hung on a wall above fires. As soon as Sir Dan got past the castle's wall, three Shadow Demons immediately dashed towards the pressure plate to burn the farmers alive. After killing the demons, Dan put out the fires with his hammer. Then he stood on the pressure plate to free the farmers and open the doors within the keep. Dan followed the farmers outside to the castle entrance where they rewarded him with 150 gold coins.





To save the farmers, Dan needs to kill the Shadow Demons as soon as they spot him, as they will try to kill the farmers off immediately. This is best done by dashing towards them and using the Magic Sword or shooting them with a ranged weapon.

The fires underneath the farmers need to be smothered with a blunt weapon such as the club or hammer. In MediEvil: Resurrection, there are glass spikes underneath the farmers instead. These can be smashed even with a sword.

If Sir Dan fails to save at least two farmers, he will not be able to collect enough souls to completely fill the Chalice in the level. Thankfully, this section is at the beginning of the level, so restarting if the farmers are not saved is advised.

In the 2019 remake, the farmers will not reward Sir Dan unless all three of them are saved. This differs from the original game and MediEvil: Resurrection where the survivors will always give Dan a chest of gold each.

Book of Gallowmere entry

Are these good men? Their farmyard toil puts food on the plates of the nation, but at what price? Could mutant pumpkins be the result of forcing innocent pumpkins to consume their fleshy brethren? Does safeguarding one's crops justify deployment of homicidal scarecrows? Who will speak for the wolves?

Save them - or don't - it's up to you.


In other languages

Language Name
Arabic المزارعون الأسرى
almuzarieun al'asraa
Bulgarian Пленени фермери
Pleneni fermeri
Croatian Zarobljeni seljaci
Czech Zajatí farmáři
Danish Tilfangetagne Bønder
Dutch Gevangen boeren
Finnish Vangitut farmarit
French (France) Fermiers captifs
German Gefangene Bauern
Greek Αιχμάλωτοι Αγρότες
Aichmálotoi Agrótes
Hungarian Fogoly parasztok
Italian Contadini prigionieri
Japanese 囚われの農夫
Toraware no nōfu
Norwegian Fangede bønder
Polish Schwytani rolnicy
Portuguese (Brazil) Fazendeiros Aprisionados
Portuguese (Portugal) Camponeses Cativos
Romanian Fermierii Prizonieri
Russian Пленные крестьяне
Plennyye krest'yane
Spanish (LatAm) Granjeros cautivos
Spanish (Spain) Campesinos cautivos
Swedish Tillfångatagna Bönder
Turkish Esir Çiftçiler


  1. Damage resistances were not re-implemented in the 2019 remake of MediEvil. This means that, unlike in the original game, all enemies take the same amount of damage from Dan's weapons.



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