Mr Shanks

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Mr Shanks
A bust of Mr Shanks.
Biographical information
Title(s) Landlord of Troll's Head
Gender Male
Behind the scenes information
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Mr Shanks (fl. 1386) was the landlord of Troll's Head, a pub in Gallows Town. Sir Dan used Shanks' bust, which was on display in the pub, to smelt a new crucifix for the local church. Shanks' bust was made by the town's blacksmith Old man Willy Green.

In other languages


Language Name Meaning
Arabic للسيد ”شانكس”
lilsayid "shankis"
Bulgarian Господин Шанкс
Gospodin Shanks
Croatian Gospodin Shanks -
Czech Pan Shanks -
Danish Hr. Shanks -
Dutch Meneer Schenkel Mr Schenkel
Finnish Herra Shanks -
French (France) Monsieur Shanks -
German Herrn Hachse Mr Hachse
Greek Κυρίου Shanks
Kyríou Shanks
Hungarian Shanks úr -
Italian Signor Shanks -
Japanese シャンクス氏
Norwegian Herr Shanks -
Polish Pan Shanks -
Portuguese (Brazil) Senhor Shanks -
Portuguese (Portugal) Sr. Shanks -
Romanian Shanks -
Russian Господин Шенкс
Gospodin Shanks
Spanish (LatAm) Señor Shanks -
Spanish (Spain) Señor Shanks -
Swedish Herr Shanks -
Turkish Bay Shanks -

MediEvil: Resurrection

Language Name Meaning
French (France) Monsieur Jarret Mr Jarret
German Herrn Hachse Mr Hachse


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