Old man Willy Green

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Willy Green
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"Aye, when I get pumpin' on me bellows there's no stopping me, it's all in the rhythm, up n' down, up n' down! I've always been inspired by the stories of Stanyer Iron Hewer, the greatest Smithy that ever there was!"
― Old man Willy Green for BLACKSMITH'S MONTHLY.

Old man Willy Green (fl. 1386) was the owner of the Smithy in Gallows Town and was the one who made the Landlord's Bust for Mr Shanks.


Willy was featured in BLACKSMITH'S MONTHLY, where he was awarded Smithy of the season by the readers. He claimed to be inspired by stories of the legendary blacksmith Stanyer Iron Hewer.


The book about Willy is meant to serve as a hint on how to work the forge in his Smithy, as well as to seek out the bust he had made.

In other languages


Language Name Meaning
Arabic عجوز ”ويلي غرين”
eajuz "wili ghrin"
Bulgarian Старецът Уили Грийн
Staretsŭt Uili Griĭn
Croatian Starac Willy Green -
Czech Starý Willy Green -
Danish Gamle Willy Green -
Dutch Groene Willem Green William
Finnish Willy Green -
French (France) Le vieux Willy Levert Old Willy Levert
German Der alte Willy Green -
Greek Γέρο-Willy Green
Géro-Willy Green
Italian Il vecchio Willy Green -
Japanese ウィリー・グリーン
U~irī gurīn
Norwegian Gamle Willy Green -
Polish Staruszek Willy Green -
Portuguese (Brazil) O velho Willy Green -
Portuguese (Portugal) O velho Willy Green -
Romanian Bătrânul Willy Green -
Russian Старый Вилли Грин
Staryy Villi Grin
Spanish (LatAm) El anciano Willy Green -
Spanish (Spain) El viejo Willy Green -
Swedish Gamle Willy Green -
Turkish Ihtiyar Willy Green -

MediEvil: Resurrection

Language Name
French (France) Le vieux Willy Green
German Der alte Willy Grün
Italian Il vecchio Willy Green
Spanish (Spain) Al viejo Willy Green


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