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Biographical information
AKA Goddess of popular beat combos
Gender Female
Behind the scenes
Appears in MediEvil: Resurrection (mentioned)
"By the sacred underwear of Brit-Nih, goddess of popular beat combos, I underestimated you, my friend!"
― Al-Zalam after the Stained Glass Demon's defeat.

Brit-Nih was an alleged "goddess of popular beat combos." Her sacred underwear was mentioned by Al-Zalam after Sir Dan defeated the Stained Glass Demon. It is unknown whether Brit-Nih was worshiped in Gallowmere or elsewhere.

Behind the scenes

Brit-Nih is only mentioned in MediEvil: Resurrection. Her name is a play on American popular music artist Britney Spears, who was at the height of her popularity when the game was published.