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"These fireflies are my friends; they will light your way through the darkness below."
Nigel, a fairy.

The Fairies were baby-faced gangster forest folk. Some of them were trapped in the Ant Caves in 1386 and had to be freed by Sir Daniel Fortesque.

Those who claimed to have seen fairies typically described them as beings of intense grace: of light and beauty, poise and virtue. These were not the fairies of Gallowmere.

In Gallowmere, the fairies were still tiny magical beings, but were rather more 'earthy' souls. Above all else they lived to party, celebrated life through drunken revelry and debaucherous excess. However, they were also kind hearted and always did their best to help in the fight against evil.

Fairies were the Guardians of Fate, making sure things happened as they were supposed to. They existed outside of time and were able to flit through it as they chose (albeit prohibited from physically altering the world around them). Only a few mortals were able to see fairies unless those fairies chose to be seen.[1]


13th century

Two fairies, Griff and Noreen, aided a time-misplaced Sir Dan in a quest to thwart Zarok's plan to destroy Gallowmere's militia at the Battle of Gallowmere.

14th century

Canonical account

Fairies were supposedly the leaders of the underground world until the Ant Queen invaded their territory and imprisoned them.[2][2.1]

After Sir Dan entered the ants' nest to collect amber for the Forest Witch, he was tasked by the fairy Nigel to rescue six other fairies from the nest in return for a free visit to the Hall of Heroes.

Apocryphal account

Another account exists where Sir Dan entered the Enchanted Forest and found a cauldron at its outer edge where he allegedly summoned the recluse and cool-tempered Witch of the Forest using the Witch Talisman. The Witch was brewing a potion that would supposedly cure the Pumpkin Witch he had met earlier of her malady. To do so, she needed four faerie fungi held in earnest by a Faerie gang. She is then said to have granted Sir Dan a Butterfly Net for trapping the foul-tongued rogues scattered about the forest. After the successful apprehension of all four fairies, and the submission of the fungi, the Witch is said to have granted Sir Dan passage to the tomb of the Shadow Demons.



Known fairies

  • Griff, a fairy who aided Sir Dan in brewing a Body Swap Potion. Brother of Noreen.
  • Kev, a fairy mentioned in passing by another fairy.
  • Nigel, a fairy Sir Dan freed from the Ant Caves. Cousin of Griff and Noreen.
  • Noreen, a fairy who aided Sir Dan in brewing a Body Swap Potion. Sister of Griff.



Fairies feature only in The Ant Caves level where Sir Dan is tasked with freeing them. Should he succeed, he will gain a single free entry to the Hall of Heroes. The fairies therefore serve as a replacement for the Chalice of Souls in the level.

MediEvil: Resurrection

Fairies are featured in the Enchanted Forest level. The Forest Witch asks Sir Dan to bring her four specimens of faerie fungi. The fungi is in the possession of the local faeries, which Dan has to chase and capture with the butterfly net provided by the witch.

Behind the scenes


The fairies were inspired by Bob Hoskins' roles of Cockneys and gangsters.[3]


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