Green Knights

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Green Knight
Biographical information
AKA Sword Zombie, Armored Knight[1]
Gameplay information
Soul type Medium Evil[2]
Behind the scenes information
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Green Knights were living sets of armour brought to life by Palethorn's magic.


"These Armored Knights are looking to crack your noggin. Don't let them! Swing first and ask questions later."
MediEvil II: Prima's Official Strategy Guide


The Green Knights found in the museum are typically encased in glass displays, but will break loose when they sense Dan's presence. They wield their heavy broadswords with surprising accuracy and take more than a few hits to bring down, due to their protective armor.

They can be rather difficult to defeat when first encountered in the Museum, as they inflict moderate to heavy damage, are immune to ranged attacks, and require several strikes from weaker weapons such as the Small Sword to kill. Having only a single Life Bottle on hand when they are first encountered makes fighting them all the riskier, so it's best to fight them defensively by charging up your weapon, hitting one, and then running away to charge it again. Running past them with your shield up might be a better solution until you can acquire a better weapon with which to revisit the level, as killing at least a few might be required to collect the Chalice.

The player can take advantage of their slow movement and requite the short range of the Small Sword by running in circles and sweep the sword on both knights.


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