Pumpkin Bombs

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Pumpkin Bombs
Biographical information
AKA Bouncing Pumpkins
Gameplay information
Soul type No soul
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Pumpkin Bombs were hostile explosive fruit brought to life and corrupted by the magic of Zarok's spell book.


"Collect the goods inside (three Treasure Chests and an Energy Vial) and destroy those pumpkins before they explode in a mess of goo all over you."
MediEvil: The Official Strategy Guide

MediEvil: Resurrection

An Adventurer's Guide to Monsters entry

These homicidal Jack 'o' Lanterns bounce excitedly towards their goal with only one thing on their minds, namely to explode their poisonous juice all over their target! The seasoned adventurer has two options when faced with these advancing bounders. One, run away as fast as possible, or two, destroy the pumpkin bomb before he has a chance to detonate.[1][1.1]



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