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Biographical information
Gender Male
Weapon(s) Mallet
Gameplay information
Soul type Medium Evil[1]
Health 100 HP[1]
Damage dealt[1] Mallet attack: 20 HP
  • Sharpness 5
  • Weight 5
  • Fire 5
  • Magic 5
Damage taken[1] Sharpness Half (0.5x)

Weight Half (0.5x)

Fire Half (0.5x)

Magic Standard (1x)

Immune to Chicken drumsticks
Entity Renfield, KitchenRenfield
Behind the scenes information
Appears in

Renfields were the servants of the vampire residents of Wulfrum Hall in the late 19th century.


Renfields served the vampires of Wulfrum Hall in 1886. When Sir Dan was sent in to investigate the area by the Professor, a Renfield at the front door of the mansion wouldn't let the knight in. Sir Dan was thus forced to use his newly discovered Dan-hand ability in order to sneak inside through an open window into the kitchen. The Renfield in the kitchen was determined not to let Dan steal the Front Door Key that was sitting on a table, but was ultimately outsmarted by the undead knight. More Renfields awaited Sir Dan inside who he made quick work of.



Renfields were malformed hunchbacks with sickly skin and only one good eye. They wore green jackets with a white shirt and black tie underneath. They also had brown pants and seemingly wore no shoes. Renfields carried mallets which they used to bash in the heads of any potential intruders.


Renfields were immensely loyal to their vampire masters. They were prone to coughing and farting a lot as they walked.


Official Strategy guide entry

These disgusting, bloated, flatulent oafs guard the Vampires during their daily slumber. As caretakers of the Hall, they'll toss Dan-Hand out the window if he is discovered. Although they might not look like it, they can actually put up a good fight. Fortunately, they are no match for your Sword.[2]


Kitchen Renfield

The Kitchen Renfield will pursue Dan-hand as soon as he sees it. To avoid being caught, Dan-hand needs to hide under the tables in the kitchen. If Dan-hand is caught, the Kitchen Renfield will throw it out of a nearby window. If Dan-hand has the Front Door Key in its possession at the time, Renfield will hit it with his mallet four times for a total of 80 HP of damage before throwing it out.

Standard Renfields

Renfields will begin pursuing Dan as soon as they see him. They will hit him with their mallets for 20 HP of damage per hit. They are immune to Chicken Drumsticks like all other enemies in the level. They are slightly less immune to magic than to other damage types so using a magic weapon like the enchanted Broad Sword should make quick work of them.

Weapon damage table

Damage table for Renfields[1]
Weapon Attack Damage
Small Sword Main attack (swing) 8 HP
Main attack (stab) 12 HP
Secondary attack 6 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 16 HP
Broad Sword Main attack (swing) 14 HP
Main attack (stab) 16 HP
Secondary attack 11 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 32 HP
Broad Sword (Enchanted) Main attack (swing) 28 HP
Main attack (stab) 32 HP
Secondary attack 22 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 64 HP
Magic Sword Main attack (swing) 50 HP
Main attack (stab) 56 HP
Secondary attack 41 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 104 HP
Cane Stick Main attack 18 HP
Secondary attack 10 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 36 HP
Hammer Main / Secondary attack 32 HP
Secondary attack (charged; releases shockwaves) 64 HP
Axe Main attack 18 HP
Secondary attack 23 HP
Pistol Main attack 9 HP
Crossbow Main attack 9 HP
Flaming Crossbow Main attack (also applies burn) 9 HP
Gatling Gun Main attack (point blank) 13 HP
Main attack (at distance) 6 HP
Lightning Main attack 22 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 44 HP
Blunderbuss Main attack (point blank) 110 HP
Main attack (at distance) 13 HP
Bombs Main attack 80 HP
Arm Main attack 4 HP
Secondary attack 9 HP
Torch Main / secondary attack 2 HP
Main / secondary attack (on fire; applies burn) 10 HP
Effect Weapon(s) Damage
Burn Torch (when lit), Flaming Crossbow 2 X 15 HP
Shockwaves Hammer (charged attack) 8 X 4 HP

Behind the scenes


Old version of Renfield.

An early version of Renfields appears in the game's promotional materials from November 1999. The old model of the Renfields can still be found in build 0.19 of the game from December 1999, albeit it is only used when ringing the bell by the main door into the mansion; all other Renfields had already been replaced with their final counterparts.


Renfields are named after the henchman character of the same name from the Gothic horror novel Dracula which served as the main inspiration behind the Wulfrum Hall level. However, the appearance of Renfields is more akin to an Igor, a stereotypical hunchbacked assistant to villains.


Main article: Images of Renfields

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