Small Sword

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Small Sword
Icon Small Sword
Type Melee weapon
Found in The Museum
Attack(s)[1] Main attack (swing)
  • Sharpness8 Weight8 Fire0 Magic0

Main attack (stab)

  • Sharpness16 Weight8 Fire0 Magic0

Secondary attack

  • Sharpness6 Weight6 Fire0 Magic0

Secondary attack (charged)

  • Sharpness16 Weight16 Fire0 Magic0
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Small Sword was a weapon on display in the Museum in Kensington.


The Small Sword was on display in a room across from Sir Daniel Fortesque's exhibit in the Museum. Upon being resurrected in 1886, the brave knight procured the sword for the purpose of fighting the newly risen undead. Later, after Sir Dan allied himself with Professor Hamilton Kift, the knowledgeable old man upgraded the blade into the Broad Sword.



The Small Sword is Sir Dan's most basic melee weapon aside from his own arm. It can be found at the very beginning of the game inside a display cabinet in The Museum. Though weaker than most other swords, Sir Dan's proficiency with swords allows him to deftly wield the light blade and execute several short strokes in quick succession. Charging this weapon allows him to perform a circular sweep of the area around him, causing additional damage and knocking enemies back.

The Small Sword is upgraded into the Broad Sword by the Professor after Sir Dan collects 6 Chalices.

Attack list

X button
Swing left

X button , X button
Swing left, swing right

X button , X button , X button
Swing left, swing right, stab

Circle button , X button
Jumping stab

Square button
Spin attack

Square button
(hold then release)
Charged spin attack


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In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Epée courte
German Kleines Schwert
Italian Spada piccola
Portuguese (Portugal) Espada Pequena
Russian Малый меч
Malyy mech
Spanish (Spain) Espada pequeña



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