Vampire Girls

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Vampire Girls
Biographical information
AKA Vamp Girls,[1] Little Girls[1]
Gender Female
Gameplay information
Soul type No soul
Health Immortal
Damage dealt[2] Both attacks: 16 HP
  • Sharpness 8
  • Weight 8
  • Fire 0
  • Magic 0
Behind the scenes information
Appears in

Four Vampire Girls were residents of Wulfrum Hall in 1886.


Freakshow posters.

Sir Dan first saw the Vampire Girls at The Freakshow, where they were featured on several posters. He would later encounter four of them while making his way through Wulfrum Hall.



Vampire Girls were youthful female vampires. They had a pale complexion and wore torn up red dresses with long striped stockings. They wore their blue hair in bunches.


Official Strategy Guide entry

These adorable-looking urchins are actually quite evil - they'll go for Sir Dan's throat at the first opportunity, and they'll play with Dan-Hand like a cat toying with a mouse. As Dan-Hand, you must avoid them at all costs. As Sir Dan, knock them temporarily senseless with your Sword and shake them lose if they go for your jugular.[1]


To knock out a Vampire Girl, Sir Dan simply needs to hit her once with any weapon. This will leave her stunned for about four seconds after which she will get back up. There is no way to kill a Vampire Girl.[2]

Dan cannot move or attack while a Vampire Girl is on him and she will not let go until he is dead. To shake off a Vampire Girl, the action button needs to be pressed five times. The speed of doing this does not seem to affect effectiveness, as five button presses will free Dan regardless of how much time has passed in-between them.[2]


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