Ant Queen

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The Ant Queen
Biographical information
AKA Queen Ant
Died 1386
Gallowmere, Britain
Gameplay information
Health 1000 HP
Behind the scenes information
Appears in
Antagonist Antagonist
Eradicate the Queen Ant and her minions.
"Be aware, once you have encountered her six-legged regalness there will be no going back!"
― A book in the Ant Caves.

The Ant Queen (died 1386) ruled over the ants in the Enchanted Earth ants' nest. Sir Dan defeated her in order to escape from the ant hill.


Book of Gallowmere entry

Although accustomed to letting her soldiers do all the fighting, this is one tough bug lady.

She's an acid-spitting queen who will fight to her last gasp to defend the brood of insect infants incubating inside her egg sac... if only there was an airlock you could flush her out of.


Her attacks consist of spitting acid at Dan and summoning Ant Soldiers to fight in her stead. When she rears up and screams, boulders will start falling from the ceiling of the Hill. She is vulnerable during this attack, so use a ranged weapon to attack her.

Behind the scenes


The Xenomorph Queen from the science-fiction film Aliens most likely served as an inspiration for the Ant Queen.[1]



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