Dragon Birds

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Dragon Bird
Biographical information
AKA Giant Bird
Mother Bird
Giant Eagle
Gender Female
Gameplay information
Soul type No soul
Behind the scenes information
Appears in
"Like a giant Magpie the Dragon Bird sits upon its hoard of stolen treasures. High above the trees you will find a nest; those Eggs are worth their weight in gold!"
― A book in the Enchanted Earth.

Dragon Birds were creatures who made nests high above the ground. One such bird was resident in the Enchanted Earth. Another also appeared on the Ghost Ship while Sir Dan was trying to fulfill Barrelman Badillo's quest.


14th century

On his journey through Gallowmere, Sir Dan encountered a dragon bird atop her nest where she protected three eggs. Dan entered the bird's nest, where she attacked him with her sharp claws.


MediEvil (2019 remake)

Book of Gallowmere entry

She's not just a set of legs - there's a whole devoted Mother Bird up there! And no one treasures her eggs more than this bird mama.

They may someday hatch into beautiful baby birds. Or maybe just into beautiful bags of gold... or bags of golden babies? Who knows?



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