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From left to right: Mrs. Mad, Nellie Mad and Mr. Mad.
Biographical information
AKA Mad family, townsfolk, villagers
Gameplay information
Soul type Good
Behind the scenes information
Appears in
It's Not Their Fault They're Mad It's Not Their Fault They're Mad
Don't harm the Mad family.
MediEvil: Resurrection
Dan the Merciful Dan the Merciful
Finish the Sleeping Village level without harming the townsfolk.

Townspeople were the inhabitants of Gallows Town in the late 14th century. They were all members of the Mad family.


In 1386, Zarok the Sorcerer began his plan to try and conquer Gallowmere a second time. He cast the Evernight spell in order to put the townspeople to sleep and then stole their souls. However, the sorcerer unwittingly resurrected his long dead nemesis Sir Daniel Fortesque. Sir Dan made his way across Gallowmere and eventually defeated the sorcerer, returning the townspeople's souls back to them.

Known members


"Poor villagers - the master possesses them. It mustn't hurt them. Hurt guards though, they seek out an object of great power."
― An Information Gargoyle explaining the situation to Sir Dan.

Sir Dan's goal is to leave the townspeople unharmed. Killing too many of the townspeople will prevent him from collecting the chalice.

Book of Gallowmere entry

Hypnotized citizens of a once thriving town.

They'll happily invite you in for tea, but if they ask to borrow a shovel, you should probably decline.


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