Mud Knights

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Mud Knights
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AKA Undead Warriors[1][1.1]
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Soul type Minor Evil
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Mud Knights were Zarok's soldiers who died at the Battle of Gallowmere in 1286. Over a hundred years later, Zarok's magic reanimated their corpses and made them roam around the sunken battlefield.




The knights are slender men wearing rusted armour with a beaked helmet design reminiscent of plague doctor masks. They are armed with shields and battleaxes.



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Behind the scenes


MediEvil (1998 original)

Mud Knights in The Muddy Riverbank.

In pre-alpha versions of the game, killing the knights awarded the player with 200 points. Additionally, as seen in one of the game's early trailers, the knights would have been encountered in the cut Muddy Riverbank level. However, they are not present in the level nor the level data in the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha yet, likely due to the level's unfinished state in the build.



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