Pumpkin King

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The Pumpkin King
Biographical information
AKA The Pumpkin Serpent, Pumpky Wumpky, Renegade Pumpkin King, Frankenplant
Died 1386
Gallowmere, Britain
Gameplay information
Health 1100 HP
Behind the scenes information
Appears in
MediEvil (1998 original)
Pulp King Pumpkin Pulp King Pumpkin
Defeat the Pumpkin Serpent in mortal pumpkin combat.
MediEvil: Resurrection
Overgrown Pumpkin Seed Overgrown Pumpkin Seed
Defeat the Pumpkin King.
MediEvil (2019 remake)
Pulp King Pumpkin Pulp King Pumpkin
Defeat the Pumpkin King in mortal pumpkin combat.
"He's delicious, he's nutritious, he's Zarok's secret recipe - he's the Pumpkin King!"
― An Information Gargoyle, introducing the King to Sir Dan.

The Pumpkin King (squashed 1386) was Zarok's creation and his attempt at taking over Gallowmere's pumpkin lands.


The Evernight

The Pumpkin King was said to be the largest of all pumpkins. According to the Pumpkin Witch, it was a bad influence on the young seedlings, so she tasked Sir Dan with defeating him in exchange for her Dragon Gem. To awake the monster, Dan had to mash all of his pod sacks. After Dan destroyed the King, life returned to the land in the area.


MediEvil (1998 original)


In the original MediEvil, the Pumpkin King is considered to be one of the easiest bosses in the game, since he doesn't move. The player can simply stand around him and use ranged weapons to lower his health quickly.

He has two main attacks. One is moving his tendrils around that may seem harmless, but will damage the player if he gets in contact with them. The other is throwing pumpkins that will explode after a short while or if they hit the player.

The Pumpkin King's weakness are ranged weapons, because he doesn't move at all throughout the battle. It is recommended that the player uses crossbow to kill the monster in the shortest amount of time. There are also two chests marked with the skull and crossbones (Smart Bombs) nearby too. Open them to damage the pumpkin with electric shocks.

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Book of Gallowmere entry

A terrifying reminder of the perils of competitive vegetable growing, this sinister squash has become a terrible influence on his once peaceful pump-kin.

Zarok's magic has created the ultimate superfood. This is one ghoulish gourd that's simply bustin' for a dustin'.


One might be tempted to try a ranged weapon this time around, however, the developers behind this remake added a major new wrinkle: as the Pumpkin King loses every quarter of his HP, he raises a twofold defence. First, he will regrow one or more pod sacs at random to draw energy from the surrounding land. Second, while regaining HP, he will grow a hard vine barrier around himself that is impervious to all weapons. Dan needs to find and destroy all regenerated sacs to drop the barrier and halt the Pumpkin's self-healing. Attack as usual and repeat up to thrice more to squish this overgrown squash for good.

Behind the scenes


MediEvil (2019 remake)

The boss battle was significantly changed in the remake. The process was detailed by Alexander Gold, one of the game's designers, on a blog post on Game Developer.[1]


In other languages


Language Name Meaning
Arabic ”ملك اليقطين”
"maluk alyaqtini"
Bulgarian Крал на тиквите
Kral na tikvite
Croatian Kralj bundeva -
Czech Dýňový král -
Danish Græskarkonge -
Dutch Pompoenkoning -
Finnish Kurpitsakuningas -
French (France) Roi Potiron -
German König Kürbis -
Greek Ο Βασιλιάς των Κολοκυθών
O Vasiliás ton Kolokythón
Hungarian Tökkirály -
Italian Re Zucca -
Japanese パンプキング
Norwegian Gresskarkongen -
Polish Dyniowy Król -
Portuguese (Brazil) Rei Abóbora -
Portuguese (Portugal) Rei Abóbora -
Romanian Regele Dovleac -
Russian Король тыкв
Korol' tykv
Spanish (LatAm) Rey calabaza -
Spanish (Spain) Rey Calabaza -
Swedish Pumpakungen -
Turkish Bal Kabağı Kralı -

MediEvil: Resurrection

Language Name
French (France) Roi Potiron
German Kürbiskönig
Italian Re Delle Zucche
Spanish (Spain) Rey Calabaza


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