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Gameplay information
Soul type No soul
Health Invincible
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Chickens were domesticated fowl kept by farmers in Gallowmere during the 14th century.



"Since the Farmers have been captured by the Shadow Demons the animals here have gone hungry."
― A book, explaining the chickens' predicament.

A few chickens can be found in The Haunted Ruins in MediEvil. They also appear in the Scarecrow Fields and Gallowmere Plains in MediEvil: Resurrection.


Sir Dan has to chase the chickens to piles of grain, which they will eat, revealing whatever lies underneath.

During the Shepherd's Delight mini game in MediEvil: Resurrection, Sir Dan has to herd them into the target pen within the time limit.

It is not possible to kill chickens in any of the games.

Book of Gallowmere entry

This featherbrained flock isn't good enough for much - not even Shadow Demon food. Farmers are far more filling.

You may find yourself relying on their dim-wit, but cross that drawbridge when you come to it.

Behind the scenes

Pre-order bonus

A chicken appears on one of the 10 pre-order exclusive MediEvil PlayStation Network avatars.



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