Boulder Gargoyles

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This article is about the enemies. For the talkative characters, see Information Gargoyles. For the merchants, see Merchant Gargoyles.
Boulder Gargoyles
Biographical information
AKA Stone Spitting Gargoyles
Zarok's Evil Gargoyles
Gameplay information
Soul type No soul
Behind the scenes information
Appears in
Rock Wrangler Rock Wrangler
Avoid all the rolling rocks on Cemetery Hill.
"We have failed the Master! We give our lives!"
― Boulder Gargoyles, before killing themselves.

The Boulder Gargoyles (died 1386) were a pair of statues sitting atop Cemetery Hill. They were servants of Zarok.


The Evernight

The Boulder Gargoyles were brought to life by Zarok's magic after Sir Dan reached Cemetery Hill. Afterwards, the Gargoyles begun hurling boulders from their mouths to bar Dan's progress up the hill. When Dan reached them, they lamented over having failed Zarok and sacrificed themselves by exploding.


The Gargoyles spit two types of rock, one that is smashable and one that isn't.

Behind the scenes


In the original MediEvil, there is an unused quote for the Gargoyles that can be located under Speech number 125 after using cheats:

"We must double our efforts to protect the Master!"




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