Boiler Guards

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Boiler Guards
Biographical information
AKA Zarok's Guards
Gameplay information
Soul type Minor Evil
Behind the scenes information
Appears in
"Hurry comrades, tear this place apart!"
― Boiler Guard, commanding his fellow guards.

The Boiler Guards were part of Zarok's army, so named because they were essentially living kettle boilers. They were renowned for their dutiful (and somewhat sheep-like) devotion to their master.



Boiler Guards possess unmatched skill with ranged weapons, especially blunderbusses and bows. They have an extra-nasty surprise for close-in attackers, spewing flames from their bellies and lighting the would-be assailant ablaze.

While the use of the Broad Sword in MediEvil suffices to vanquish the enemy, in MediEvil: Resurrection, because the Boiler Guards are capable to deal flame damage at close-quarters, it is advised to enter in retain mode (hold R) and circle around the enemy in order to avoid being hit by incoming shots, whist retaliating with a ranged weapon, such as the Crossbow.

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Book of Gallowmere entry

Zarok's mechanical goon squad, developed deep in the City of Madness (although they were manufactured in China, of course).

That coal in their stomach fuels them, whilst also cooking up a mean brisket.



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