Inside The Asylum

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PLEASE NOTE: This page refers to content that is not present in the final versions of the game due to being cut, removed or repurposed.
Inside The Asylum
Concept art of the level by Jason Wilson.
General information
Music IG4[1][a]
FMV before level 7AV
Chronological information
Previous level 16. The Asylum Grounds[2]
Next level 18. The Enchanted Earth[2]
Location on Land Map
Sir Daniel Fortesque

Inside The Asylum is a level that was cut from MediEvil. The level was going to feature Morten the Earthworm in a side-viewed platform section where he would have undertaken "a perilous mission to steal a door key from the abbey of the mad monks." According to Jason Wilson, the game's lead artist and game designer, "Morten had to navigate a range of obstacles and there were a few funny moments such as inching your way across the bare feet of prisoners (tickling them in the process) who are hanging upside down in racks."[3] The level was completely removed from the game,[1][b] but was later reintroduced with a new design inspired by the arcade game Smash TV.[4]

Textures for the level appear in the MediEvil Rolling Demo. Most of the environmental textures are from The Graveyard level, suggesting that the level was using it as a placeholder map. There are also textures for Morten, Beetles, a Big Rat, a Prisoners' Feet and a Woodlice. Although these models are not in the MediEvil Rolling Demo, they can be found in the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha.

In the final game

Both the full motion video that would play at the beginning of the level, as well as the music for the level, remain on the game disc. They are unused and can only be accessed through the game's cheat menu.

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  1. Although the level was replaced by Dan's Crypt in the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha, the level's music still remains the cut Morten track.
  2. Inside The Asylum is replaced by Dan's Crypt in the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha. The preceding level, The Asylum Grounds, had its exit changed from what it was in the MediEvil Rolling Demo; instead of walking up to the Asylum, Dan now instead exits through a different gate leading straight into The Enchanted Earth.


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