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PLEASE NOTE: This page refers to content that is not present in the final versions of the game due to being cut, removed or repurposed.
Icon MediEvilRollingDemo-TridentIcon.png
Type Ranged
Found in The Lake
Given by Lake Lady
Stealable Yes
Appears in MediEvil Rolling Demo
MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha

The trident was a weapon in early incarnations of MediEvil, but was ultimately cut from the game.[1] According to Chris Sorrell, the game's producer, the trident would've been similar in use to the Lightning. Based on his recollection, it was removed because of this similarity, and also because the developers found it hard to justify such a weapon.[2]



The trident was a three-pronged spear with a golden head and shaft. The heel of the trident, as well as a decorative part just before its head, were of a different, silvery material.



In a PlayStation Plus magazine preview from July 1997, the trident is described as a very powerful weapon and immensely difficult to get hold of. It is said to fire guided bolts of energy, with the ability to charge it up to fire an immensely powerful but unguided blast.

MediEvil Rolling Demo

In the MediEvil Rolling Demo, the trident will crash the game when it is equipped. However, there are two workarounds:

  • Change the difficulty to 2 in the pause menu.[a][3] Please note that this will cause all weapons to stop working until the difficulty is changed.
  • The first known successful attempt at equipping the trident this way was documented on December 8, 2014, in a video by YouTuber and MediEvil Boards member Scott Rob Rubin, although the exact steps to reproduce this result were unknown at the time.[4]
  • Another way to equip the trident without crashing is to set the camera mode to Free (Sus) beforehand. The game will still crash if the camera mode is changed to any other camera mode (unless difficulty has been set to 2).[3]
  • While in the Free (Sus) camera mode, it is possible to advance by a single frame by simply unpausing the game. This can be done indefinitely by repeatedly pausing and unpausing the game.[3]

When it is successfully equipped, the trident's attack animation will play when the attack button is pressed, but it is unable to harm enemies due to being unfinished.[1]

MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha

The Lake Lady hands the trident over.

The trident's model has been removed from the main WAD by the time of the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha, but the weapon can still be equipped by setting difficulty to 2 as per above. Additionally, a character known as the Lake Lady can be found within one of the game's WAD files. She emerges from The Lake to hand over the trident, suggesting that the weapon would be obtained in that particular level. This would mean that it would only be possible to obtain the trident near the end of the game, as The Lake was the game's penultimate level at this time.[5]

In the final game

The trident's attack animation may have been repurposed into the Small Sword lunge attack animation:

Trident attack animation Small Sword lunge attack animation
MediEvilRollingDemo-TridentAnimation.gif MediEvil1998-SirDan-SmallSwordStabAnimation.gif


  1. This may cause a crash on some emulators, such as DuckStation. It is confirmed to work on pSX, ePSXe and Mednafen. It is currently unknown if this works on a real console.


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