MediEvil: Resurrection Original Soundtrack

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MediEvil: Resurrection
Original Soundtrack
Artist(s) Paul Arnold
Andrew Barnabas
Release date(s) January 31, 2006[1]
Publisher(s) Sumthing Distribution
Label Sumthing Else Music Works
Length 57:21

The MediEvil: Resurrection Original Soundtrack is MediEvil: Resurrection's official soundtrack release. It was released on January 31, 2006 by Sumthing Distribution under the Sumthing Else Music Works label.[1]


1. Welcome to Gallowmere (6:07)

Played during the game's opening crawl and in the Dan's Crypt and Cemetery Hill levels.

2. The Spell (4:37)

Played during the game's intro and the Enchanted Forest level.

3. Home of the Dead (6:32)

Played in The Graveyard, Return to the Graveyard and the Haunted Ruins.

4. A Fiery Confrontation (4:15)

Played during Dragon Island and the boss battle with the Demonettes.

5. Comedy Corpses (2:21)

Played while competing in the mini games in Gallowmere Plains. The track is inspired by the music used in MediEvil 2's The Freakshow level.

6. Gallowmere Waltz (4:07)

Played in Gallowmere Plains and the Ghost Ship levels.

7. Hall of Heroes (2:15)

Played during the Hall of Heroes level.

8. Village of Madness (4:09)

Played in the Sleeping Village and Inside The Asylum levels.

9. Hilltop Mausoleum (3:34)

Played during the Hilltop Mausoleum level.

10. Scurvy Docks (2:16)

Played in the Scurvy Docks level.

11. George the Pumpkin (4:15)

Played during the Pumpkin Gorge level and the Pumpkin King boss fight.

12. Wheat Demons (4:09)

Played during the Scarecrow Fields level and boss fights.

13. Zarok's Lair (1:49)

Played in the Zarok's Lair level.

14. A Hero Returns (3:36)

Played during the game's outro.

15. End Titles (3:14)

Played in the Pools Of The Ancient Dead level and during the game's credits.


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