The Time Device

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The Time Device
General information
AKA City of Madness, Clockwork Castle
Chalice Yes
Enemies Boiler Guards, Flying Eyeballs
Music (original) IG10
Music (remake) Killing Time
FMV before level 12AV
Chronological information
Level number 21.
Previous level The Entrance Hall
Next level Zarok's Lair
Location on Land Map
    The Entrance Hall
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Zarok's Lair
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
"Zarok seeks to expand his reach beyond the confines of time. Just think of where he could go. Modern London? Egypt? The possibilities are endless!"
― Loading screen description

The Time Device is the twenty-first level of MediEvil. It was not remade in MediEvil: Resurrection.


Book of Gallowmere




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Book 1

This metal keep houses the magical chariot that Zarok calls his Train. The path it runs along leads eventually to Zarok's Lair, however your route is blocked by gates controlled at various way stations. Travel to these on the Train, open the gates and head for the Lair.

Behind the scenes


Jason Wilson listed imagery from German Expressionism films such as Algol and Metropolis as inspiration for this level.[1] He also listed the old factory across from the train station in Cambridge as the basis for the level.[2]



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