Rune Stones

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"That is a rune key, Dan! Place it in the claw of the rune gate, and Open Sesame!"
Al-Zalam explains rune keys to Sir Dan.

Rune Stones, also known as Rune Keys or Runes, were artefacts found throughout the land of Gallowmere in medieval times. They served as magic keys for large gates and doors that would otherwise bar an adventurer's path to progress.


Rune Stones were created by the ancients who trapped the innate magical energies of the land of Gallowmere within them.[1][1.1] Runes were used as keys at least until the late 14th century.

List of Rune Stones

  • Chaos Rune
  • Earth Rune
  • Moon Rune
  • Star Rune
  • Time Rune


Rune Stones are placed in Sir Dan's auxiliary inventory upon retrieval, and are automatically placed when he touches a claw lock of the same colour as the stone.

Some accounts describe the claw locks as enchanted; thus, they are seen swiping for their key when approached.


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