King Peregrin's Crown

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King Peregrin's Crown
Icon King Peregrin's Crown Crown
AKA Crown
Flavour text Brighten up a dead king's day.
Type Item / Artifact
Found in The Haunted Ruins (PSP)
Used in The Haunted Ruins (PSP)
Used on King Peregrin's throne
Appears in MediEvil MediEvil (1998)
MediEvil: Resurrection MediEvil: Resurrection
MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)
"It is said that the King's Crown was lost in the dungeons below the Castle and that the ghost of the regent himself now haunts those cold stone passage ways. Spooky!"
― Excerpt from TOURIST GUIDE TO GALLOWMERE - Part 2.

King Peregrin's Crown was a crown formerly in use by the last monarch of the Gallowmere monarchy, King Peregrin.


King Peregrin was crowned in 1236 aged 15.[a] At some point after the King passed away in 1286, his crown was lost in the dungeons under the Castle. Sir Daniel Fortesque found it in 1386 and placed it on the throne, bringing peace to the former monarch's ghost.



King Peregrin's Crown was a golden circlet formed of seven points with small red gemstones set in each one.


King Peregrin's Crown is found in The Haunted Ruins in the room with the floodgates and is required to progress further through the level. It is used on the throne of King Peregrin in the castle's throne room to summon him.


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In other languages


Language Name
Arabic تاج الملك ”بريغرين”
taj almalik "brighrin"
Bulgarian Короната на крал Перегрин
Koronata na kral Peregrin
Croatian Kruna kralja Peregrina
Czech Koruna krále Peregrina
Danish Kong Peregrins Krone
Dutch Koning Peregrins kroon
Finnish Kuningas Peregrinin kruunu
French (France) Couronne du Roi Peregrin
German König Peregrins Krone
Greek Το Στέμμα του Βασιλιά Peregrin
To Stémma tou Vasiliá Peregrin
Hungarian Peregrin király koronája
Italian Corona di Re Pellegrino
Japanese ペリグリン王の王冠
Perigurin-ō no ōkan
Norwegian Kong Peregrin sin krone
Polish Korona króla Peregrina
Portuguese (Brazil) Coroa do Rei Peregrino
Portuguese (Portugal) Coroa do Rei Peregrin
Romanian Coroana Regelui Călător
Russian Корона короля Перегрина
Korona korolya Perehryna
Spanish (LatAm) Corona del rey Peregrino
Spanish (Spain) Corona del rey Peregrino
Swedish Kung Peregrins Krona
Turkish Kral Peregrin'in Tacı

MediEvil: Resurrection

Language Name
French (France) Couronne
German Krone
Italian Corona
Spanish (Spain) Corona


  1. It is said the kingdom thrived under Peregrin's reign for 50 years. Canny Tim wins the 49th Gallowmere Games in 1285. Given the odd specificity of this, it is likely the Gallowmere Games first started when Peregrin was crowned, and the 50th year of his reign is going to be 1286, the year of the war with Zarok. Therefore, 1286 - 50. This places the beginning of his reign in 1236.


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