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PLEASE NOTE: The subject of this article originates from MediEvil: Resurrection, which is considered apocryphal, i.e. to be outside of the accepted canon. See GP:CANON for more information.
Icon Seagull
Type Artifact
Requirement(s) Fish
Found in Scurvy Docks
Used in Scurvy Docks
Appears in MediEvil: Resurrection MediEvil: Resurrection
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A Seagull was a type of bird that frequented the fountain area of the Scurvy Docks.


In order to reach the Haunted Ruins, Sir Dan had to obtain the Dragon Armour in the possession of the Dragon King who lived on Dragon Island. To reach the island, he needed to procure a boat from Scurvy Docks' Harbour Master. However, the Harbour Master was only interested in serving pirates, forcing Dan to find a way to disguise himself as one. As part of this effort, Sir Dan had to find a parrot. Sadly parrots were out of stock in the nearby shop, forcing Dan to find a different bird as a replacement. Dan got some fish from the local market and lured a seagull near the fountain with it.


Once procured, the Seagull can be equipped in the inventory by selecting it. Selecting it again will make Dan take it off. Dan will need the rest of the disguise including the Pirate's Hat, Skull and Crossbones, and Wooden Leg in order to finish the level.


In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Mouette
German Möwe
Italian Gabbiano
Spanish (Spain) Gaviota


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