Harvester Part

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Harvester Part
Icon Harvester Part Combine Harvester Part
AKA Combine Harvester Part
Flavour text A cog is a Dan's best friend.
Type Item / Artifact
Found in Scarecrow Fields (PSP)
Used in Scarecrow Fields (PSP)
Appears in MediEvil MediEvil (1998)
MediEvil: Resurrection MediEvil: Resurrection
MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)
"The Corn cutting machine is missing a part. A cog fell off this miracle of modern agriculture and it hasn't worked since."
― A book, about the part.

The Harvester Part was a missing piece of a machine in the Scarecrow Fields.


While making his way through the Scarecrow Fields, Sir Dan found a broken down corn cutting machine in a barn. He later found its missing part and repaired the machine, allowing him to access previously unreachable areas of the fields.



This part of the harvester is required to collect the Chalice in the Scarecrow Fields. Sir Dan has to do some backtracking in order to use it on the harvester as the part is located near the level exit, past all the processing machines. Once the harvester is repaired, it will crash through the barn wall and cut a new path through the fields.

MediEvil: Resurrection

"Note to repairman:

My new-fangled corn-cutting machine is missing a cog. I've gone back to traditional methods, but I'm not sure kicking my wife out at dawn with a scythe and a pie is going to get the harvest in time. Can you locate a replacement part and fix it?"
― Signed, The Farmer.

Collecting the Combine Harvester Part is not optional unlike in the original game, as the combine needs to be repaired in order to reach the Earth Rune. The part can be found by guiding some chickens near the barn to feed.

In other languages


Language Name
Arabic الجزء الحاصد
aljuz' alhasid
Bulgarian Част от комбайн
Chast ot kombaĭn
Croatian Dio kombajna
Czech Součástka kombajnu
Danish Del til høstmaskine
Dutch Oogsteronderdeel
Finnish Leikkuupuimurin osa
French (France) Pièce de moissonneuse
German Mähdrescherteil
Greek Εξάρτημα του Θεριστή
Exártima tou Theristí
Hungarian Kombájnalkatrész
Italian Pezzo della mietitrice
Japanese 刈り取り機の部品
Karitoriki no buhin
Norwegian Høstemaskindel
Polish Część żniwiarki
Portuguese (Brazil) Peça de Colheitadeira
Portuguese (Portugal) Peça da ceifeira
Romanian Piesa Secerătorului
Russian Деталь комбайна
Detal' kombayna
Spanish (LatAm) Pieza de cosechadora
Spanish (Spain) Pieza de la cosechadora
Swedish Del till Skördemaskinen
Turkish Biçerdöver Parçası

MediEvil: Resurrection

Language Name
French (France) Pièce de moissonneuse-batteuse
German Erntemaschinenteil kombinieren
Italian Pezzo della mietitrebbiatrice
Spanish (Spain) Pieza de la cosechadora


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