Mr. Mad

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Mr. Mad
Mr. Mad (right) with his family
Biographical information
Gender Male
Weapon(s) Axe
Family Mrs. Mad (wife)
Nellie Mad (daughter)
Gameplay information
Soul type Good
Health MediEvil: 100HP
Behind the scenes
Appears in

Mr. Mad (fl. 1386) was the husband of Mrs. Mad and the father of Nellie Mad. He was a resident of Gallows Town whose soul was stolen by the evil sorcerer Zarok in the 13th century. His soul was restored after the mad old wizard was slain by the resurrected Sir Daniel Fortesque.


In 1386, Mr. Mad and the other residents of Gallows Town were robbed of their souls by Zarok the Sorcerer in his attempt to take over the kingdom of Gallowmere.

Several Mr. Mads were encountered by Sir Dan while he was in town. This included one in the pond area and inside the town library, and two in the Troll's Head pub: One down in the basement, and the other barricaded by barrels in the main room where the Earth Rune was found.

After Zarok's death, Mr. Mad's soul returned to him, releasing him from the sorcerer's control.



While he has the demeanor of an insane axe murderer due to his possession, Mr. Mad's real personality is unknown. However, some sources claim Mr. Mad was shy, gentle and educated.[1][1.1]




Mr. Mad is a heavyset man who wields a large axe and runs very fast. He will run towards Dan in an attempt to strike him with the axe. As with the rest of the possessed townspeople, Mr. Mad must not be harmed, as killing him will drain the Chalice of Souls of its power.

Besides avoiding him, using the Daring Dash is the only way to temporarily stun Mr. Mad without harming him.

Weapon damage data

Behind the scenes


MediEvil (1998 original)

Mr. Mad appeared in many pre-release versions of MediEvil, including the MediEvil Rolling Demo and the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha. In these versions, he could be encountered outside of the interiors more commonly than in the final game. Killing him did not penalise the player in any way, instead awarding the player with 175 points.

Mr. Mad's model, especially his head, seems to have served as a base for the Mad Farmers.

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Unlike in the original game, Mr. Mad has a couple of voice lines. For example, he can be heard shouting "Come here!"


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