Cane Stick

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Cane Stick
Icon Cane Stick
Type Melee weapon
Requirement(s) 1 Chalice
Found in The Professor's Lab[a]
Given by Professor Hamilton Kift[a]
Attack(s)[1] Main attack
  • Sharpness36 Weight0 Fire0 Magic0

Secondary attack

  • Sharpness16 Weight5 Fire0 Magic0

Charged secondary attack

  • Sharpness0 Weight0 Fire0 Magic36
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2
"Cane stick sir? No modern knight should be seen without one."
Professor Hamilton Kift, upon producing the Cane Stick.

The Cane Stick was a melee weapon the Professor created for Sir Dan in 1886.


The Professor created the Cane Stick for Sir Dan using the power from a Chalice.


The Cane Stick is the third weapon Sir Dan can find in the game and the first weapon he receives from the Professor. Dan must collect one chalice in order to obtain it. Its main attack is a sharp fencing thrust, its secondary attack is a 360 degree spin, and its fully-charged secondary attack creates a three-pronged wave that snakes across the ground towards enemies.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 It is possible for Dan to get any weapon from either the Professor or Winston, and in either The Professor's Lab, The Sewers, or The Time Machine level, depending on whether any chalices are missed during the game. The information in this article assumes all preceding chalices were collected.



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