Front Door Key

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Front Door Key
Icon Library Key
Type Item
Found in Wulfrum Hall
Used in Wulfrum Hall
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Front Door Key unlocked the front door of Wulfrum Hall. It was kept on a table in the mansion's kitchen where it was under the watchful eye of a Renfield.


Sent by the Professor to investigate a psychic disturbance, Sir Dan had to find a way into the mansion. He made use of his newly discovered ability to sneak into an open window, which allowed him to find the Front Door Key.


To obtain the key, Dan needs to put his head on one of the hands in the area. He then needs to sneak into the mansion through an open window, where he will find the Front Door Key on a table being watched by a Renfield. He will need to be quick in picking up the key, because if the Renfield catches him, he will get thrown out without it. Once the key has been obtained, Dan needs to proceed into the adjacent room, where he has to summon the dumbwaiter and jump in it to get to the upper floor. From there, Dan will need to make his way through the dining room into the main hall and eventually the study. Here he will find an open window. He will be able to climb several bookshelves and a fireplace to reach it and thus return to his body.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Clé de la porte principale
German Haupttor-Schlüssel
Italian Chiave d'ingresso
Portuguese (Portugal) Chave da Porta Principal
Russian Ключ от входной двери
Klyuch ot vkhodnoy dveri
Spanish (Spain) Llave de la puerta principal


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