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Return to the Graveyard

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Return to the Graveyard is the fifth level in MediEvil and its remake, also serving as the inspiration for the level of the same name in MediEvil: Resurrection. The fifth and final stage in the Necropolis, Sir Daniel Fortesque will take on additional practice moving obstacles as well as creating and using platforms where none initially exist. Furthermore, he will gain the Daring Dash, an ability that allows him to use short bursts of speed to move rapidly within an area or to ram enemies and obstacles from short distances.


The back nine of the Graveyard will feel much shorter than the front nine, but rest assured that Sir Dan will be tested. To get completion, Dan will need to master the art of platforming. The bridge at the entrance has a weak middle section, which will fall into the river as Dan walks or runs across it; but there are also coffins floating below. Drop onto a coffin and float until the camera angle changes and a ledge comes into view. From the widest point of the coffin, perform a running jump at the centre of the ledge, and land on the riverbank for a sizable cache of gold coins and a couple of Energy Vials, then take the stairs around the corner to the right and snag another small bag of gold.

Dan will drop back into the basin that was fairly sparse in The Graveyard. Grab the Energy Vial off the small ledge and visit with the Merchant Gargoyle as needed, then whack the chest for a Silver Shield. Next, smack a batch of zombies (or crack open the nearby Smart Bomb and let it do the work) and head back up the hard-to-see stairs. Bash a few more zombies, and Dan will be back at the large door. If needed, sidle the ledge at the top of the stairs and use the Fountain of Rejuvenation to top up.

Return to the door and use the Skull Key (from The Hilltop Mausoleum) to open it. Smash the wolves in this area and note the undertaker's shack in the distance. Come around the shack to an outcropping with a zombie and some gold, then head to the top of the hill and grab the Star Rune. Return to the shack and open the gates to take the Energy Vial and gold on the porch, then head in.

The Chalice of Souls is (almost) ripe for the taking. To get it, go right first and smack the zombies that drop down. Jump into the light to reach the right-hand cliff above and find a large stone. Get behind said stone and push it all the way across the cliff until it lands in the water with a satisfying "sploosh." Grab the goodies on the cliff heading back.

Clear the left wing of zombies and jump into the light once more. Push the stone on the upper cliff right and into the water, slashing any zombies in the path. Repeat for the stone on the lower cliff. Then, collect the Chalice.

Finally, use the broken bridge or the left cliff to jump onto the stone bridge Dan created. Use the nearby font to top up. The Guardians of the Graveyard await beyond the gates; defeating them awards the Daring Dash.

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